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Custom Breast Prosthetic Fit Event for Medicaid & CareFirst!

Experience the difference of custom prosthetics

About this Event
MEDICAID & CAREFIRST PATIENTS-- Join us on June 18, 2019 between 10am and 6pm for our FIRST custom breast prosthetic fit event!

Registered patients will be among the first to experience custom breast prosthetic creation services. Choose from 36 skin tones, semi-custom nipples, even veins and freckles.

After breast surgery a woman can feel emotionally and physically drained. Choosing a breast form should be a worry and stress free decision.

Individual women have individual needs. Our collection of breast forms offer the widest selection of styles, shapes and sizes to suit your unique lifestyle.Experience your choices after mastectomy, lumpectomy and reconstruction.

Custom breast prosthesis simulate missing breast tissue after any type of breast surgery; known as non-surgical breast reconstruction. Each prosthesis is designed for a one-of-a-kind custom fit and features:

--Personalized, custom fit
--Lightweight construction for comfort and compliance
--A sense of wholeness
--The ability to be worn in a non-pocketed bra
--A close match to many skin tones with 30+ colors from which to choose
--Durable construction allows the prosthesis to be worn while swimming, running and during other physical activities
--Made of 100% natural silicone, the custom breast prosthesis is lightweight and can be worn directly against the chest wall in a non pocketed bra.

Each custom breast prosthesis is carefully designed and hand painted by experienced engineers that understand how to match your individual contour, shape and profile.

RSVP for the event then call the boutique to schedule an appointment!

(301) 580-0059