Prosthetic Fit services

Breast Prosthesis: An artificial breast that is placed in a bra, or directly on the skin for use after a woman’s own breast has been surgically altered or removed.

Whether the loss of the breast is permanent or temporary, a breast prosthesis can be worn to simulate the natural breast shape. Wearing a breast prosthesis is a highly popular personal choice. Many women choose to wear one because they want to wear the same clothing that they wore prior to the surgery and they want to look symmetrical.


Our Prosthetic Fit Services make us special

We carry a thoughtful collection of necessary oncology products, supportive services, and intimates that are not typically found under one roof. Our Certified Mastectomy Fitters ensure that your prosthetics fit.


Traditional Breast Forms

After breast surgery a woman can feel emotionally and physically drained. Choosing a breast form should be a worry and stress free decision.

Individual women have individual needs. Our collection of breast forms offer the widest selection of styles, shapes and sizes to suit your unique lifestyle.


Custom Prosthetics

We provide post-mastectomy prosthetic creation services. Using state of the art technology paired with 3-D chest wall scanning, every detail of a woman’s breast is sculpted for a one-of-a-kind custom, handcrafted fit.

100% pure silicone for lightweight comfort and durability.


Experience the difference between custom prosthetics and traditional prosthetics


Insurance Eligible

We accept the following insurance providers:

CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield

Virginia Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

All out-of-state Blue Cross Blue Shield family of companies


Maryland Medicaid (Not issued by another insurance company)

Virginia Medicaid (Not issued by another insurance company)

We will soon be able to handle all medical insurance billing in-house. Taking the guess work out of the insurance process is our goal.

Click the link below to be notified as to when we can accept your individual insurance provider.

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